About Mudumalai

Incredible India has in itself number of places that are know for its natural beauty and wild life. One such place located in the southern part of India is Mudumalai. If you are living in southern pat of India, it would be hard to miss this place as it is well known for its forests and wild life sanctuaries. One would certainly be short of words to describe the beauty of this place. Its picturesque landscape can leave you mesmerised beyond words. If you are a nature lover this place is a must visit for you.

There are number of places in India that are known for their wildlife, natural beauty and bird sanctuaries but what make Mudumalai stand apart is its location. Mudumalai is located at an elevated height of 1000 mts from the ground level and covers an area measuring 321 sq km. The sanctuary of Mudumalai falls in between the boundaries of two states, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It is surrounded by the thick and dense forests of Nilgiri hills in Western Ghats. Here you can also witness the unique blend of Western and Eastern ghats of Tamil Nadu making a great picturesque view for nature lovers.

The area of the Wildlife sanctuary in Mudumalai ranges similarly to that of the Badipur wild life sanctuary but Mudumalai has also Moya River that adds to the beauty of this place along with the beautiful Nilgiri Mountains that surround the sanctuary. The entire area of Mudumalai is very varied in nature. You can come across hills, swamps, waterways, valleys, narrow valleys, small water falls, mountain peaks and much more. You are sure to find nature at its best offering you different shades of green around you. There are different types of forests too. Like the Tropical moist deciduous forests, dry deciduous forests and scrub forests. The climate at Mudumalai is relatively warm though it is surrounded by thick forests and streams.

The main reason that Mudumalai attracts thousands of visitors every year is Mudumalai Wildlife sanctuary. The building of the sanctuary was initiated in the year 1932 and completed in 1940. Since then it is the most vital wildlife conservation park in the southern part of India. Elephant habitat at Mudumalai is known to be the best in the country. One can find number of elephants in this sanctuary while taking a safari. You can spot some tigers, dears, bear and much more. In the bird sanctuary at Mudumalai, you can spot different types of birds. It is a home to number of migration birds too. The land surface in Mudumalai is of a mix texture. You can find flat land, rising and falling parkland, open grassland, valleys, nullas and swamp. The Mayya River in this sanctuary offers spectacular view to visitors on their way from Udhagamandalam – Mysore highway. You can also reach Mudumalai wild life sanctuary through this Mysore highway from Mysore.

If you want to close to nature and enjoy its beauty, then come Mudumalai and spend some quality time close to nature and rejuvenate yourself.