Mudumalai is a wild life sanctuary and also has one of the best bird sanctuaries in the country. As it is covered with thick and lush green forests it makes a perfect home to many birds. Among other Bird sanctuaries in India, Mudumalai Bird sanctuary provides you with an amazing bird watching experience. Its not only the different types of birds that have made Mudumalai their home but also a number of migrant birds that come to Mudumalai in various seasons. It is a sheer treat to bird watchers and novice birdies to watch some rare species of birds.

One of the most predominant bird you come across in Mudumalai bird sanctuary is the peacock. You can see our national bird in its full glory here. If you are lucky you can catch a glimpse of peacock dancing too. well this depends on the weather too. The number of peacocks you see in Mudumalai bird sanctuary amazing. Its look like a painter has just finished his portrait of peacock in its full bloom. The color, grace and beauty shall mesmerize you for a long time. Other birds like the Google eyed Plower, Grey Jungle Fowl, Malabar Whisting thrush, Red Spur Fowl, Large Racket Dronge and the Grey Partridge Qualis are hard to miss. You should not miss these birds as you seldom get to see them in any other bird sanctuaries. So make sure you enjoy each moment that you get to see these world class birds. There are visitors from around the world you throng to Mudumalai Bird Sanctuary during peak season to catch a glimpse of these special birds. There are Bird guides too, who can educate you on the types of birds and its specialty.

Other birds that are commonly found at the Mudumalai Bird sanctuary are the Magpie-robin, Spotted Babbler, Small green barbet, green pigeons, brown dove Malabar Grey Hombill, Bulbuls, Mynahs and much more. Do not forget to capture the beauty of these birds in your camera as it can help you relive each moment in the future too. Few birds are migration birds that change their homes depending on the season, so you might not get a glimpse of them in your next visit. So make the most of it and enjoy bird watching in this natures nest. Other than these birds, Mudumalai also homes a number of prey birds like the Eagle, Hawks, Buzzards, Harriers, Falcons and King Vulture. You would be amazed at the sight of these gigantic and huge birds. You need to take precautions while viewing these birds. The guide and the bird sanctuary management however take precautionary measures before you watch these dangerous birds. King Vulture is a bird one can seldom see in Bird Sanctuaries. So don’t miss it and make the most of this opportunity. You can come across some migratory water birds that are found near the lake and streams in the bird sanctuary. Well this is possible f you are going at the right season you would be lucky to spot some really beautiful water birds. So go ahead and make the most of Mudumalai Bird Sanctuary.