Mudumalai wild life sanctuary also includes a National Park measuring 103 sq Kms. This is one of the leading national park in south India. Mudumalai has the best of wild life and bird sanctuaries in the country and a National Park, making it one of the most visited places all round the year. You will come across tourists and wild life lovers from across India and also the world. Mudumalai national Park is home to many animals. Wild animals are predominant in Mudumalai National Park. You need to be well prepared for your encounters with wildest animals on the face of the earth.

The main Characteristics of Mudumalai are its lush green forests and wide variety of wild life. The fauna is unlike you get to see in any of the natural habitat in India. The wild animals that you can encounter in your safari rides in the National Park are Tigers, leopard, Chital, Panthers, Sloth Bear, Barking Deer, Sambar, Hyena, Jackal, Wild Boar, Spotted deer, Four Headed Antelope and much more. They are not only different varieties of wild animals but you ill find them in herds roaming in dense park or lying under the sun. To watch the wild animals so close is a very thrilling and exciting experience. Mudumalai National Park hosts some of the highest number of Tigers in the Country. White Tigers too are very common at this national park. The surprising package is the Hyena as you seldom find Hyenas in a National Park, hence it is a very exiting experience to watch one from a close range. Barking deer too is very uncommonly found in wild life sanctuaries or national park. Your experience of watching these wild animals on Television channels like Animal Planet or national geographic can turn to reality at Mudumalai national Park. This unforgettable experience shall leave a very lasting experience in your mind.

You can come across number of other animals like the Indian Elephants that are predominant in the Mudumalai national Park. Other than elephants you can come across Banner, gaur, Macaque, Giant Flying Squirrel, Four Horned Antelope, Otter, Crocodiles, Hare, Porcupine, Mongoose and much more. Crocodiles are very large in number at the streams and lakes of the Mudumalai National Park. You would amaze at their size and number. Hare and Mongoose are also seen in large numbers. The national parks plays hosts to number of other species like the macaques, languor, antelopes and civets.

Mudumalai National Park attracts a lot of visitors all round the year. An adventure trip to the national park can be the best part of your vacation. It is one of the best things that Mudumalai offers visitors. You need to be well prepared with your camera and handy cam to capture some of the best moments that you would witness at this national park. Covering a area of 103 Sq. Kms. Of Mudumalai National Park is not a easy task. It is a huge area covered with adventure and thrill.