The Lush green forest of Mudumalai is unlike any other wild life sanctuaries or forests you should have seen. The chirping of the birds, the cool breeze brushing your face leaving you mesmerized with its natural beauty. The climatic conditions at Mudumalai are moderate making it favorable to supports variety of rich flora. The diverse geographical location of Mudumalai is another factor that brings in a lot of variety to this place. It draws many inquisitive visitors around the year to check the place situated between three southern states of India. The Nilgiri Mountains, dense forests and Moya River further add on to the beauty of this place. You can find thick forests at the western and central part of this national park. The eastern part of Mudumalai is covered with scant vegetation. The Western Ghats are a hilly terrain that is covered with lush green bed of moist an mixed deciduous forests.

The flora in Mudumalai National Park is diverse than any other national park in India. It consists of mixture of different types of forests within itself like moist mixed deciduous forest, tropical evergreen forests, moist teak forest, grassy woodlands, dry teak forests, swamps and shrubs. You can come across a number of Teak wood and Rose wood trees in the forests of Mudumalai. Rose wood and teak wood are the most valuable timbers in India and are grown in abundance here. Other than rose wood and teak wood you can also come across a number of sandalwood trees, Bamboos or Bambussa Arundinacea, Mango, Jamun, Banyan, Tamarind, Pipal, Jacaranda ( purple flower hardwood tree) and Plimeria trees in the forests of Mudumalai national Park. You can also find a number of trees of the blooming flora like the Aredesia, Gulmohar, Solanancea, Aredesia and Indian Labumusum. With such a diversified flora around you gives you an opportunity to peek into the treasure of nature and witness pure natural beauty. The Mudumalai National Park is well maintained by the management and has retained its natural look to visitors. It is not commercialized like any other national park you must have visited. The flora is diversely spread across the huge area of this national park, an entire day safari is a must to see all the greenery around you. It is certainly a relaxing experience and a well deserved break far from the hustle bustle of the city life.

It is an ideal get away for families or friends at the Mudumalai National Park has lot to offer. The experience of thick forests can be very thrilling and adventures to children, who have only heard of thick forests in story books. The climate is pleasant all round the year making it ideal to visit any time of the year. The experience at Mudumalai National Park would leave lasting memories in your heart and mind. The huge trees, shrubs, bushes, streams, mountains, rivers and much more seems straight out of a painters brush. A perfect example to find nature at its best.