Safari is an absolute must at the Mudumalai National Park. Without safari, you would not be able to enjoy the essence of this place. Safaris are the best part of enjoying any national park. It’s unlike a zoo where the animals are in the cage and we go around and take a look at these animals. In safaris we are confined to a vehicle and can watch animals in their comfortable space moving about. The sight is extremely thrilling and exiting. Especially when you catch a glimpse of wild animals like, Tigers, leopard, hyena, wild dog, Panthers and much more. Seeing these animals from such close quarters can send chills down your spine but I can assure you that its certainly going to be an enjoyable experience. Children particularly enjoy watching these animals from a close range as they have only seen them on Television.

Safaris are arranged by the department of Forests for visitors at the Mudumalai National Park. There are two types of safaris available for visitors. One is by vehicle and another one is sitting on elephants. The forest department provides a van for visitors to safari all around the national park. You need to dedicate an half of your day for the safari drive as you would be covering huge area and spotting animals. You can easily notice many animals like groups of spotted dears, herds of elephants by the river side sun bathing, sambar pricking its ear, langurs jumping on trees, leopard, tigers, and hyenas through your drive. You can spot different species of beautiful birds on your way that have made Mudumalai their temporary home. Elephant rides are also provided in areas that are not accessible for vehicles. Elephant rides are fun and enjoyable for everyone. Children really have a gala time on these elephants as they can also reach the trees above them.

The Ideal time to enjoy the safari at Mudumalai National park is between February to June and October to December. The forest department has set limited timing for the safari as it will not disturb the animals in the national park. The safari timings are from 6:30 am to 9:00 am in the morning and 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm in the evening. The tariff for safari ride is Rs. 35 per head for a thirty minute round trip in the Mudumalai national park. The Van is a twenty five seater and has widows at either side for you to enjoy the view of all directions. You shall find huge rush for safaris during peak holiday seasons, so make sure you have planned your vacation well. The booking of safaris should also be done in advance to avoid last minute surprises.

Elephant Safari

Joy ride on the Elephant is another attraction for tourists and children. This will soon be launched in Mudumalai national Park. It will be a thirty minute joy ride and the bookings are taken at Ooty Forest office. However there is a ten minute elephant joyride available at Bandipur with a tariff of Rs.50 per person.